Exchange and Active Directory Migration at Enterprise Scale

Migration and consolidation projects in the IT field face individual technical challenges to each infrastructure. Internal IT projects can be executed following well-established organizational processes and requirements.

Projects related to M&A programs face additional and very unique requirements and constraints. These constraints tend to be agile and require work outside of the well-established processes valid for internal projects. Especially the constraints provided by the M&A process itself might require immediate adjustments or major changes.

Our real-world experiences from global M&A IT consolidations can help you to lead your M&A program to success. Whether it is an internal infrastructure consolidation handling get-well activities in preparation for a takeover or merging global IT landscapes in the context of a corporate takeover, our professional program team will assist you from establishing the technical design to project planning, execution, and monitoring.

Some of our experiences have been summarized in a PowerPoint slide deck. The scenario shows

  • Internal consolidation of a global IT infrastructure
    • Active Directory landscape, which included more than 20 Active Directory domains and more than 7,000 accounts
    • Exchange landscape which included more than five different Exchange organizations (partially hosted by an external provider) in preparation for an Office 365 Migration
  • Merging of two global IT infrastructures as part of a global M&A program
    • Migration of all user accounts to a new single Active Directory domain
    • Migration of more than 13,000 Exchange mailboxes to Office 365
    • Launch of a new single email Domain across seven Exchange organizations
    • Migration of regional file server data to central data centers
    • The rollout of network infrastructure to each acquired regional Office, including new VPN Solutions
    • The rollout of new client hardware for all employees in the acquired enterprise
    • The rollout of a global data backup solution, including cloud storage
    • Consolidation of regional service desks into a single global service desk team

The following pictures demonstrate the situation pre-merger:

Picture Active Directory landscape


Picture Exchange Server landscape

Picture Office 365 Migration


We are keen to share our experiences to help you succeed in your migration activities. Ask for a workshop today:

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