New Version of ENow Management System released

ENow Management System 7.0ENow has released version 7.0 of the ENow Management System (EMS).

Besides a major facelift of the OneView Dashboard, new functionality has been added to the successful monitoring and reporting solution:

  • New look to the One-look Dashboard
    Complete redesign of our interface background and menu options. New colors and styles with the same One-Look functionality
  • New ENow Admin Console
    The new cutting-edge look afforded to our EAC makes navigation a breeze. With the intuitive buttons and easy-to-read options, configuring the product has never been easier.
  • DAG Enhancements for Exchange 2013
    Added a new DAG Status indicator to the Namespace page for one-stop monitoring of all DAG Servers. The user no longer has to drill under the functionality of each PAM to see their status. The new indicator shows all DAG Statuses under a single page for quick access.
  • Remote Installation of New Agents
    With the addition of the new ENow Remote Installer, the user never has to leave the webserver to install new agents. The user can now use this new GUI interface to select servers and roles and automatically push out new agent installs.
  • New Enhanced Logfile Collector
    If you have an issue or general question and the Support team needs your log files, no more going to each server, compressing the files, and then emailing them to the team. This new GUI interface allows you to remotely grab the requested log files and automatically upload them to our FTP server.
  • Revamp of whole Mailscape 365 Product Layout
    With the addition of so many new and enhanced Mailscape 365 features, we had to redo the whole layout of the indicators for an easier-to-navigate look and feel. It allows the admin to troubleshoot that much quicker by correlating test shows under specific indicators that systematically show any breakdown in the tenant.
  • Remote Office 365 enhanced testing
    We have changed our remote monitoring to be more robust and mimic standard tenant monitoring. This service allows the Admin to test his tenant from within the network and utilize our Azure server to test the tenant remotely.
  • Added Lync Online DNS monitoring
    As part of our push into the cloud, we are starting our Uniscope 356 monitoring with a simple Lync Online DNS test. Just configure the Domains you wish to test the DNS records of, and we will verify the DNS records that are vital to your team.
  • New Mailscape 365 reports
    We have added more admin-related reports to allow the customer a more in-depth look into their tenant and the users they are administering.

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