Offboarding primary mailbox fails

When you use the Exchange Online Portal to move a cloud mailbox to on-premise (aka Office 365 Offboarding), you can either move

  • Primary Mailbox and the existing Archive
  • Primary Mailbox without moving the Archive

When you select the second option, the move request fails because of the missing archive target delivery domain. The required attribute is not exposed to the Exchange Online Administrative Center.

Office 365 off-boarding

The required option -ArchiveDomain can only be applied when using Remote PowerShell to Exchange Online.

The following lines describe how to move the primary mailbox to your on-premise Exchange while keeping the archive mailbox in Office 365:

# UPN of user to migrate to Exchange Online
$User = ""

# FQDN of configured migration endpoint
$RemoteHost = ""

# on-premises target domain 
$TargetDelivery = ""

# EOL archive domain
$ArchiveDomain = ""

# on-premises target mailbox database name
$TargetDatabase = "MBX-DB01"

# On-premises credentials to access the target mailbox/on-premises Exchange
$OnPremCred = Get-Credential

# New offboarding move request with automatic completion of the request 
New-MoveRequest -Identity $User -RemoteHostName $RemoteHost -RemoteCredential $OnPremCred -TargetDeliveryDomain $TargetDelivery -ArchiveDomain $ArchiveDomain -PrimaryOnly -SuspendWhenReadyToComplete:$false -Outbound -RemoteTargetDatabase $TargetDatabase

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