PRTG Custom Sensor to monitor NoSpamProxy Message Flow


This script helps you to monitor message flow in a NoSpamProxy environment using a PRTG custom PowerShell sensor.

This custom sensor contains the following five channels:

  • In/Out Success
    Total of inbound/outbound successfully delivered messages over the last X minutes
  • Inbound Success
    Number of inbound successfully delivered messages over the last X minutes
  • Outbound Success
    Number of outbound successfully delivered messages over the last X minutes
  • Inbound PermanentlyBlocked
    Number of inbound blocked messages over the last X minutes
  • Outbound DeliveryPending
    Number of outbound messages with pending delivery over the last X minutes

The default interval is five minutes. But you might want to change the interval as needed for your environment.

These channels can easily be modified and additional channels can be added as well.

NoSpamProxy is a powerful anti-spam gateway solution providing additonal functionality like centralized S/MIME and PGP encryption for on-premises and Exchange Online deployments.

PRTG is a industry standard system monitoring solution.


The script itself does not take any additional attributes and is called by PRTG probe.

To verify your setup, you easily execute the PowerShell script. It returns a Xml result.

PS C:\Scripts> .\Get-NoSpamProxyPrtgData.ps1      In/Out Success    0    Count        Inbound Success    0    Count        Outbound Success    0    Count        Inbound PermanentlyBlocked    0    Count        Inbound DeliveryPending    0    Count    10    1  

The PRTG channel configuration

PRTG channel using a custom sensor

The following screenshot shows PRTG example graphs.

NoSpamProxy monitored using a PRTG custom sensor


The custom PowerShell script must be saved to the following location of the PRTG probe:

[INSTALLPATH]\PRTG Network Monitor\Custom Sensors\EXEXML

Ensure to have the PowerShell execution policy set correctly. Otherwise the PRTG service won't be able to execute the PowerShell script.

Ensure that the service account used by the PRTG probe has access to the script and is a member of the NoSpamProxy Monitoring Administrators security group.

Version History

  • 1.0, Initial community release


Additional Credits

Additional credits go to Brian Addicks,


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