Exchange Mailbox Retention Policy Cleanup

Exchange uses rentention policies to organize retention tags, which define how Exchange MRM should keep, delete or move objects in a mailbox or archive mailbox. Sometimes you encounter strange behaviors of those tags, then you must cleanup the tags from the mailbox. This tool helps you in this effort.

Exchange Aufbewahrungsrichtlinien aufräumen

Exchange unterstützt die Nutzung von Aufbewahrungsrichtlinien und Aufbewahrungstags. Einmal zugewiesene Tags aus einem Postfach wieder zu entfernen ist nicht einfach. Hier hilft mein kleines Open Source Tool.

Notes from the Field – Free and Busy without federation Gateway

If you want to share free and busy details between two exchange organizations normally, you will use the Microsoft Federation Gateway. Sometimes this is not possible like for compliance reasons or other business reasons. But there exists a way to do this, even without an Active Directory trust between two organizations.