Clear legacyExchangeDN ADCDisabledMail

When you prepare your on-premises public folder hierarchy ACLs for migration to Exchange Online or for moving from Exchange Server 2016 to 2019 you might see the following error:

Multiple objects with legacy DN ADCDisabledMail were found.

Teams Nation 2021

I am honored to speak at Teams Nation 2021 on 12th May about Microsoft Teams Admin Roles and Teams Admin Center.

Exchange Mailbox Retention Policy Cleanup

Exchange uses rentention policies to organize retention tags, which define how Exchange MRM should keep, delete or move objects in a mailbox or archive mailbox. Sometimes you encounter strange behaviors of those tags, then you must cleanup the tags from the mailbox. This tool helps you in this effort.

TeamsFest 2020

I am honored to speak at TeamsFest 2020.

TeamsFest 2020 is a TeamsFest is a 100% free, 100% community-driven conference dedicated to Microsoft Teams.

Edge Transport Server, EdgeSync, and Certificates

The use of Exchange Edge Transport Servers requires the synchronization of user and configuration data from internal Exchange Servers to the Edge Transport Servers. The synchronization utilizes secure LDAP (EdgeSync) to transmit the data securely and is based on an Edge Subscription.

When you create a new Edge Subscription on your internal Exchange Servers by importing the Edge Subscription XML-file, establishing the EdgeSync-connection might fail.

Receive Connector RemoteIPRanges Limit

Exchange Server uses Receive Connectors for providing SMTP endpoints for incoming connections. A modern Exchange Server provides a default connector on TCP port 25.

Sometimes you might have a requirement to create a new receive connector for selected incoming SMTP connections. A standard requirement is a receive connector for relaying messages to external recipients. This cannot (should not) be achieved using the default connector.

Exchange Recipient Type Values

This is a post summarizing the configuration values for important Exchange-related Active Directory object attributes.

Whenever you need to look up these values for troubleshooting, or editing the values manually.