Create Exchange Organization Report in Microsoft Word

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This script reads Exchange Organization data and creates a single Microsoft Word document. A later version will support exporting to an Html file.

The script requires an Exchange Management Shell for Exchange Server 2016 or newer. Older EMS versions are not tested.

A locally installed version of Word is required, as plain Html export is not available yet.

The default file name is ‘Exchange-Org-Report [TIMESTAMP].docx‘. 

Most of the script requires only Exchange admin read-only access for the Exchange organization. Querying address list information requires membership in the RBAC role “Address Lists“.

The script queries hardware information from the Exchange server systems and requires local administrator access to the computer systems.

The script is currently under development in version 0.91 and is available as a pre-release.
You are welcome to contribute to the PowerShell script development.


# Example 1
# Create a Word report for the local Exchange Organization using
# the default values defined on the parameters section of the PowerShell script.

.\Get-ExchangeOrganizationReport.ps1 -ViewEntireForest:$true

# Example 2
# Create a Microsoft Word report for the local Exchange Organization with
# a verbose output to the current PowerShell session.

.\Get-ExchangeOrganizationReport.ps1 -Verbose

Version History

  • 0.9. Initial community release
  • 0.91, Information about processor cores, memory, and page file size added


Additional Credits

The script is based on the ADDS_Inventory.ps1 PowerScript by Carl Webster:


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