E-Book Office 365 for Exchange Professionals

Office 365 for Exchange Professionals CoverBook Review

During DEV/IT Connection, the new release of Office 365 for Exchange Professionals has been published.

Personally, I recommend this book to every Exchange professional who wants to implement Exchange Hybrid setups or needs to migrate to Office 365. If you want to be successful, read this book and use it as a reference.

The information provided reflects the experience of the authors who regularly contribute to the Exchange community. This has been written without any Office 365 marketing stuff in mind. (As one of the authors is Tony Redmond).

The chapters provide an overview of the various technologies as well as detailed information about the day-to-day work of an Exchange administrator. Notes from the field help understand the complex (or not so complex) requirements of Exchange hybrid configurations.

Due to the nature of “The Service,” an Exchange administrator needs to keep up with the changes deployed constantly. This book covers the most recent changes and evolvements to “The Service,” like Groups or Delve.

I will keep it short:

Buy It. Read It. Enjoy It.

Not joking…

Buy the Book

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