Fetch disk volume Information across multiple servers

The new community script Get-Diskspace helps to fetch disk volume information from a single server or across multiple servers.

Currently, the script supports a command line switch to gather disk volume information across all Exchange servers in your environment.

The following screenshot shows the command line output

Screenshot command line output

The following screenshot shows the HTML email

Screenshot html email
# Get disk information from computer MYSERVER    
.\Get-Diskpace.ps1 -ComputerName MYSERVER

# Get disk information from computer MYSERVER in MB
.\Get-Diskpace.ps1 -ComputerName MYSERVER -Unit MB

# Get disk information from all Exchange servers and send html email
.\Get-Diskpace.ps1 -AllExchangeServer -SendMail -MailFrom postmaster@sedna-inc.com -MailTo exchangeadmin@sedna-inc.com -MailServer mail.sedna-inc.com



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