Get Legacy Public Folder Size

Exchange Server 2007When you are dealing with legacy public folders and you are still using Exchange Server 2007 you might be interested in the overall size of the data hosting in your public folder hierarchy.

The following script calculates the public folder size based on the public folder statistics output provided by Exchange Server 2007.

# Server name hosting legacy public folders$Server = 'PUBLICFOLDERSERVER'# Fetch legacy public folder statistics$Folders = Get-PublicFolderStatistics -server $Server | Where-Object {($_.TotalItemSize -ne "0B")}  $TotalBytes = 0# Let's do some string manipulation stuffForEach ($Item in $Folders) {    $TotalItemSize = $Item.TotalItemSize  $TotalItemSize = [string]$TotalItemSize       if ( ($TotalItemSize.contains('KB')) ) {      $TotalItemSize = $TotalItemSize -Replace ('KB','')      $TotalItemSize = [int]$TotalItemSize * 1024  }       $TotalItemSize = $TotalItemSize -Replace ('B','')  $TotalBytes = [long]$TotalItemSize + [long]$TotalBytes}# Output as GB [math]::round($TotalBytes/1Gb, 2)





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