PowerShell script: Export all user mailbox folder permissions

Last updated: 2017-11-11

A new PowerShell script to export all mailbox folder permissions has been published to TechNet Gallery and GitHub.

This script exports all mailbox folder permissions for mailboxes of type “UserMailbox”. The permissions are exported to a local CSV file.

CSV Eample

“Mustermann, Max (mmustermann)”;”Tasks”;”Doe, John”;”Editor”
“Mustermann, Max (mmustermann)”;”Calendar”;”Doe, John”;”Editor”
“Mustermann, Max (mmustermann)”;”Inbox”;”Doe, John”;”Reviewer”
“Mustermann, Max (mmustermann)”;”Custom Folder”;”Doe, John”;”Reviewer”

This script is based on Mr Tony Redmond’s blog post http://thoughtsofanidlemind.com/2014/09/05/reporting-delegate-access-to-exchange-mailboxes/


.Get-MailboxPermissionsReport.ps1 -CsvFileName export.csv



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