Public Folder Migration Action Plan

The Excel workbook Public-Folder-Migration-Actionplan-EN.xlsx spreadsheet is supposed to support you during migration of Legacy Public Folders (Exchange Server 2010) to Modern Public Folders in Exchange Online.

The workbook consists of three spreadsheets:

  • Overview
    The spreadsheet “Overview” is used to define the names of the source and target platform. Additionally, you can define the names of the persons or groups responsible for the on-premises and cloud infrastructure. Those names are used in the second spreadsheet. You can define a start date for the migration project. There is no additional calculation taking place. The date is just referenced in the second spreadsheet. It’s up to your creativity to add automatic calculations. Finally, a summary of each available task status (Open, In Progress, Finished) is provided.
  • Public Folder Migration
    The “Public Folder Migration” spreadsheet contains the top-down action plan for migrating Legacy Public Folders to Modern Public Folders in Exchange Online. The required tasks are grouped, each task can be assigned, and the status can be tracked. 
  • Lookup
    This spreadsheet is used to provide the task status lookup values.
Screenshot Public Folder Action Plan - Example

If you encounter any issues while preparing for migration or during migration of the public folder, I recommend checking the Exchange Server Tech Community Forum.


Enjoy Exchange Public Folders!

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