Purge-LogFiles PowerShell Script updated to Version 2.1

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The PowerShell script to purge Exchange Server and IIS log files has been updated to version 2.1.

The function Copy-LogFiles has been slightly rewritten and there has been a change in the cmdlet parameters.

When using ArchiveMode CopyAndZip or CopyZipAndDelete all copied log files in the EXCHANGESERVER\LOGS folder are added to a compressed archive. The script creates a separate archive for IIS and Exchange logs.

Example of compressed archive files

 Code updated

function Copy-LogFiles {  [CmdletBinding()]  param(    [string]$SourceServer,    [string]$SourcePath,    $FilesToMove,    [string]$ArchivePrefix = ''  )  if($SourceServer -ne '') {     # path per SERVER for zipped archives    $ServerRepositoryPath = Join-Path -Path $RepositoryRootPath -ChildPath $SourceServer    # subfolder used as target for copying source folders and files    $ServerRepositoryLogsPath = Join-Path -Path $ServerRepositoryPath -ChildPath $LogSubfolderName    $ServerRepositoryPath = Join-Path -Path $RepositoryRootPath -ChildPath $SourceServer    if(!(Test-Path -Path $ServerRepositoryPath)) {      # Create new target directory for server, if does not exist      $null = New-Item -Path $ServerRepositoryPath -ItemType Directory -Force -Confirm:$false    }    foreach ($File in $FilesToMove) {      # target directory      $targetDir = $File.DirectoryName.Replace($TargetServerFolder, $ServerRepositoryLogsPath)      # target file path      $targetFile = $File.FullName.Replace($TargetServerFolder, $ServerRepositoryLogsPath)            # create target directory, if not exists      if(!(Test-Path -Path $targetDir)) {$null = mkdir -Path $targetDir}      # copy file to target      $null = Copy-Item -Path $File.FullName -Destination $targetFile -Recurse -Force -Confirm:$false -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue    }            if($ZipArchive) {      # zip copied log files            $Archive = Join-Path -Path $ServerRepositoryPath -ChildPath ('{0}-{1}' -f $ArchivePrefix, $ArchiveFileName)      $logger.Write(('Zip copied files to {0}' -f $ArchiveFileName))            # delete archive file, if already exists      if(Test-Path -Path $Archive) {Remove-Item -Path $Archive -Force -Confirm:$false}      try {        # create zipped asrchive        Add-Type -AssemblyName 'System.IO.Compression.FileSystem'        [IO.Compression.ZipFile]::CreateFromDirectory($ServerRepositoryLogsPath,$Archive)      }      catch {        $logger.Write(('Error compressing files from {0} to {1}' -f $ServerRepositoryLogsPath, $Archive),3)            }      finally {        # cleanup, if compression was successful        if($DeleteZippedFiles) {          $logger.Write(('Deleting folder {0}' -f $ServerRepositoryLogsPath))          $null = Remove-Item -Path $ServerRepositoryLogsPath -Recurse -Force -Confirm:$false -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue        }      }    }   }  }







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