Read Exchange Schema Information from all Domains in an Active Directory Forest

Exchange Server 2010Exchange Server 2013Exchange Server 2016PowerShellDescription

This script reads the Exchange schema version from the Active Directory schema partition.

The Exchange organization name is fetched from Active Directory automatically.
The script fetches at forest level:

  • objectVersion of MESO Container
  • rangeUpper of ms-Exch-Schema-Version-Pt 
  • msExchProductId of Exchange Organization container
  • objectVersion of Exchange Organization container

The script fetches at domain level:

  • objectVersion of MESO Container


Code Samples

# Fetch all version information in the Active Directory forest.\Get-ExchangeServerVersionInfo.ps1

Sample Output:

PS D:\Scripts> .\Get-ExchangeServerVersionInfo.ps1Exchange Server Schema and Object Information for forest [VARUNA.ROOT]Exchange Organization Name        : VARUNA-GROUPActive Directory Schema rangeUpper: 15332Working on VARUNA.ROOTMESO Container objectVersion           : 13236Exchange Configuration msExchProductId : 15.01.1466.003Exchange Configuration objectVersion   : 16213Working on VARUNAGROUP.DEMESO Container objectVersion           : 13236

Version History

  • 1.0, Initial community release



Enjoy Exchange Server!

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