Removing ActiveSync Device Partnerships using PowerShell


While trying to synchronize a new device with an Exchange mailbox, you receive an error with your new mobile phone partnership.

The Exchange Server 2010 Default Throttling Policy is configured to accept 10 ActiveSync devices per mailbox only.

You can validate this setting by using EMS

Get-ThrottlingPolicy def* | Select Name,EASMaxDevices


Use a scheduled PowerShell script to delete old ActiveSync Device partnerships that have not been used for a defined period of time.


Find the most recent version on TechNet Gallery and Github, following the links provided in the Links section.

Modifiy the script path variables to fit your requirements. The variables are configured in the ### BEGIN Variables section.

Steps being executed:

  1. Fetch all user mailboxes
  2. Iterate through each user mailbox and determines the number of ActiveSync devices and the number of devices which have not synchronized since 150 days
  3. Delete ActiveSync device registration, if a user has more than 4 devices in total and a minimum of 1 device that have not synced within 150 days
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