Update OWA vDir Web.Config across multiple Exchange Servers

Exchange Server 2013Exchange Server 2016Description

This script checks multiple Exchange Server 2013 OWA web.config files for the existence of IMCertificateThumbprint and IMServerName Xml nodes required for Skype for Business OWA integration.

This is mostly required after installing a new Exchange Server Cumulative Update.

IMServerName is the FQN of the Front End Pool

IMCertificateThumbprint is the certificate thumbprint of the Exchange OWA certificate.

Exchange Server 2016 stores the IM information in Active Directory.


# Update all OWA web.config files to Skype for Business FE Pool myfepool.varunagroup.de and thumbprint 

.\Set-OwaIMSettings.ps1 -FrontEndPoolFqdn myfepool.varunagroup.de -CertificateThumbprint "1144F22E9E045BF0BA421CAA4BB7AF12EF570C17"

Version History

  • 1.0, Initial community release


Additional Credits

Additional credits go to Juan Jose Martinez Moreno


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