Webcast: Cisco and Elastica Share insights into Protecting your Data in Google Drive

Logo ElasticaOn July 28st 2015 Elastica, Inc., will host a cloud security webcast about

Nitin Kumar, Service Deployment Manager, Cisco Cloud Web Security and Kapil Raina, Cloud Security Expert at Elastica, talk about

  • What base level security Google Drive provides (and what it doesn’t)
  • Examples of companies that are facing these issues and how they are solving them
  • Best practices in identifying sensitive, shared content that may violate compliance policies (PCI, PHI, PII, etc.)
  • Best practices in using data science to uncover risky or anomalous behavior
  • •How to automate protection against Google Drive data breaches


  • Date: July 28st 2015
  • Time: 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 7pm CEST

More about this webcast


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