Automatic Refresh in ENow One-View Dashboard

The standard configuration of the ENow Management System (EMS) provides automatic Refresh for the One-View Dashboard Homepage only.

If an automatic refresh is required for any other page of the EMS Dashboard, i.e. Exchange 2013 Namespace, you need to modify the associated ASPX file.


Modification of ExchangeWorkloadTest.aspx

Original ASPX file:

					<%=GetHeadTitle()%>										<%			skin.WriteCommonHtmlHeadEntries(Response);		%>	

Modified ASPX file:

					<%=GetHeadTitle()%>												<%		   skin.WriteCommonHtmlHeadEntries(Response);		   skin.WriteAutoRefreshHeader(Response);		%>	

Be aware that changes made to the APSX files will be overwritten by a software update. Any changes made need to be applied after updating the ENow Management System.


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