Create a Room List

The following PowerShell snippet helps to create room lists for the Room Finder functionality in Outlook or Outllok on the Web.

This snippet creates a new room list named All Video Conference Rooms. The display name is shown in the Room Finder combo box. The room list members are a mixture of physical rooms (where you actually go to) and virtual rooms which you just dial into.

# General Properties$DisplayName = 'All Video Conference Rooms'$Name = 'DEP_IT_AllVideoConfRooms'$Alias = 'IT_AllVideoConfRooms'$Notes = 'Room List for Outlook Roomfinder | All Video Conference Rooms'$OU = ''$EmailAddress = ''# Romm List Members $Members = @('Conference Room 1','Conference Rooms 2','Virtual Dial-In Room 4711') # Create Distribution Group as Room List New-DistributionGroup -DisplayName $DisplayName -Name $Name -Alias $Alias -Notes $Notes -Type Distribution -OrganizationalUnit $OU -PrimarySmtpAddress $EmailAddress -Members $Members -RoomList

Use this snippet to start developing your own Exchange PowerShall code for creating and managing rooms and room lists.

If you want to create new rooms and security groups for managing full-access and send-as permissions, use my PowerShell script Create a new Room Mailbox with Security Groups.

Enjoy Exchange!



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