Exchange 2013 DAG and NetBackup Restore Error 5


When you use Symantec NetBackup 7.x, you might encounter Error 5 when restoring an Exchange Server 2013 DAG mailbox database backup to a Recovery database or the original database.

The error message in Backup, Archive, and Restore Tool looks similar to this

Screenshot NetBackup Error 5

Enabling NetBackup debug logging by using the mklogdir.bat file located in C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\logs does not necessarily provide additional input. The restore job fails before entering the job section for local restore activities. So no TAR log is being created.


When following the NetBackup Admin Guide and several Symantec HowTo’s, you have already configured the following two services to run using a dedicated Service Account

  • NetBackup Client Service
  • NetBackup Legacy Client Service
Screenshot NetBackup Legacy Network Service running with LocalSystem

There are some circumstances (not clearly defined by Symantec) when an additional NetBackup Service performs Exchange PowerShell commands as part of a restore process. Therefore the following NetBackup service must be configured to run using the same Service Account as the other two NetBackup services.

  • NetBackup Legacy Network Service
Screenshot NetBackup Legacy Network Service running with Service Account

In addition, be aware that the Service Account requires Debug permission on the Exchange Server. It might be helpful to propagate the permissions for the Service Account using a GPO.

  • Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\LocalPolicies
    • User Rights Assignment
      • Debug programs
      • Log on as a service
    • Restricted Groups
      • Administrators


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