Get Diskspace report for all of your (Exchange) Servers


This script fetches the disk volume (Win32_Volume) information via WMI and shows the results in the PowerShell command line window. Optionally, you can have the report sent as an Html email to a recipient of your choice.

The switch -AllExchangeServer simplifies gathering the disk volume information across all Exchange servers in your environment.

The following screenshot shows the command line output when using

.\Get-Diskpace.ps1 -ComputerName MYSERVER
Get-Diskspace command line output

The following screenshot shows an example of the HTML email output when using

.\Get-Diskpace.ps1 -ComputerName MYSERVER -SendMail -MailFrom `
-MailTo -MailServer
Get-Diskspace email example


# Get disk information from computer MYSERVER in MB
Get-Diskpace.ps1 -ComputerName MYSERVER -Unit MB

# Get disk information from all Exchange servers and send html email
Get-Diskpace.ps1 -AllExchangeServer -SendMail -MailFrom `
-MailTo -MailServer

Version History

  • 1.0, Initial community release
  • 1.1,  Email reports added
  • 1.11, Send email issue fixed
  • 1.12, PowerShell hygiene applied



Additional Note

This Powershell script has been optimized using the ISESteroids™ add-on. Learn more about ISESteroids™ here.

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